Kazuko and Weon Haur, the Cosplay Duo

Heartfire and Honey

Rakan: “Kiss me, honey.” Xayah: “Why now?” Rakan: “Give them a pretty last image.”

Just like Xayah and Rakan, there are tons of cute couple idiosyncrasies between Kazuko and Weon Haur. He loves gore and horror movies, while she prefers anime, but they put up with it all the same because it means they get to spend time together. She’s the planner, him, not so much. And in League, she’s the ADC and he’s the support.

People often ask about their marriage plans after seven years together - to which Kazuko would laugh affectionately and say “ask Weon Haur” (although Weon Haur promises he has a plan!)

Not Like Humans

Rakan: "What are those things humans wear on their feet?" Xayah: "Shoes." Rakan: "I need shoes. Red ones. I need them so bad."

Imagine - what would it be like to have League Champions live and breathe in the real world? What if we saw Katarina working at a mamak stall? Or Gangplank riding the MRT? Maokai traipsing through the park in Subang? Or Xayah and Rakan doing everyday chores?

One would think their powers make day-to-day chores easy, and big problems small. This fun little cosplay from Kazuko and Weon Haur gives us a glimpse into the lives of the Rift’s most lovable and dangerous couple living as we do.

Threading the Needle

Xayah: "Do you remember the plan?" Rakan: "Nope, but let's do it!"

While Weon Haur, the more avid gamer of the two, carries Kazuko in-game, in cosplay, she’s the carry and he’s the support.

Although they’ve cosplayed as a couple countless times over the last seven years they’ve been together, it’s always a new start with each project. Just like Xayah, Kazuko always has to have the perfect plan. She meticulously researches the references, takes measurements anew, chooses and sources materials for the cosplay with a keen eye.

The most pressing challenge was Vastayan feet, but for Kazuko, the woman with a plan, it was going to be a fun challenge. Besides Weon Haur is always there to help her out and keep the mood light when things get difficult.

Weon Haur & Fujiwara Kazuko

In addition to Xayah and Rakan, Kazuko and Weon Haur have an illustrious archive of League of Legends cosplays - Jinx, Ahri, Wukong, Blood Moon Thresh, and Blood Moon Elise - all equally incredible. We are thankful for their loving craft and continuous support for the game. Do check out their Facebook page and give them a like or two.