Leveling up as Darkin Kai

Shadows and supremacy

“Who will prove worthy?”

Singaporean cosplayer Kai has a soft spot for dark and gritty characters, and Kayn’s dark aesthetic, backstory, and his constant struggle for control against his sentient Darkin weapon appealed to him. So it’s only fitting that Kai would take on the challenge of bringing Rhaast to life in an abandoned fortress - paying homage to Kayn’s military prowess and past.

Photos by Modnar

Building the blade of millenia

Kayn: "I am a weapon , you are a tool." Rhaast: "Lies soothe the mind don't they?"

Like Kayn, Kai’s always looking to push his limits and take his skills to the next level. Every costume Kai creates has its own challenges, and overcoming these helps him to hone his skills and master new techniques.

To ensure the size of the scythe was proportionate to his Kayn, Kai printed out the blade across multiple sheets of A4 paper and used it to guide his construction process.

While the weapon is impressive in size and scale, Kai’s greatest challenge in creating Rhaast was keeping his horns in place. After all, Rhaast’s horns spans over 1 metre, requiring Kai to consider structural integrity to ensure that the horns could stay in place and in shape.


Besides Kayn, Kai has cosplayed many other League of Legends champions. His repertoire includes Kha’Zix, Wukong, Hecarim, Azir, Nocturne, Yasuo and many other Champions. We’re in awe of his amazing skills and his continuous support for the game. Do check out his Facebook page to see his cosplays - we can’t wait to see who’s coming next!