Team RP started off as just schoolmates who wanted to try their luck at the local League of Legends Campus League. Little did they know, their hard work would ultimately pay off and they would be sent on trips to Korea and Taiwan to represent Singapore in international competitions after being crowned as Singapore’s collegiate champions. However, their journey does not stop at the collegiate level. With the addition of two new members in the roster, they look to tackle the local professional league, The Legends Circuit.

Despite these changes, the team remains down-to-earth and as close-knit as ever. Not afraid to poke fun at each other from time to time about previous games or K-pop fandoms, the team looks to create more precious memories together.

Team RP qualified for The Legends Circuit Singapore 2017 as Team Corgi.

Lee 'Blaire' Chen Ming


Besides being known for his skillz at backdooring as Fiora, Blaire is also affectionately known as the maknae (youngest) of the team. With an insane love for sunflower seeds and energy drinks, it’s no surprise to see him running rampant around the Rift.

Keith 'Okoyim' Liem


Okoyim - now playing as Atlas - was the very last member picked up and his experience as a Jungler helped to round up the final Team RP roster. With his monochromatic wardrobe, Okoyim is the man for the job if you need someone for suicide missions to steal the Baron or the Dragon from your opponents. He’s also the kind soul that will always give up his blue buff to his midlaner.

Darren 'Orca' Goh


Orca can’t seem to make up his mind on which Summoner name he prefers (between VROOM VROOM, Ryzing, and Orca) but doesn’t think twice about making decisive plays. The tallest member of the team is shy at first but soon warms up to be one of the noisiest members who jumps at the chance to tell you how he is a Lulu main, a Zed main, an ARAM main, and the list goes on...

Joel 'Dantiz' Poon


Dantiz can swap between needing 12 hours of sleep a day and playing League from 6pm to 6am, and heading to school after. Powered by milk tea and his weebo fans, Dantiz is always challenging himself to have 0 deaths each game.

Douglas 'Dolphin' Chua


The Captain for Team RP, Dolphin is the one who coins the most catchphrases in the team. Despite being the oldest in the team, this water guzzling captain blends right in with his hyper teammates. Affectionately known as the ‘prince’ within his team, Dolphin often inspires envy from the others due to his loving relationship with his girlfriend.