Rikka - "Do not be afraid"

Rikka, a passionate cosplayer from Malaysia, spends her free time bringing her favourite characters to life.

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Making a Cosplay

While often we only see the final costume on a cosplayer, a lot of time, effort and craftsmanship is put into their costume and props. Rikka plans ahead for the creation of her costume, breaking down the costume into its parts and planning each of them meticulously (from their dimensions, materials to how she plans to fix them together). After going out to shop, and waiting for the materials to ship from purchasing online, she spends the rest of her nights cutting, pinning, sewing, building, painting, and more, until she brings them to life from imagination into reality.

Makeup and Hair

Make-up and hair is an essential part to any cosplay; Star Guardian Jinx is not just made up of her white and red outfit and her big guns. Black and white eyeliner and red contact lenses to give herself those crazy Jinx eyes, a dark red lipstick painted carefully thin to help give her a more maniacal smile, Rikka completes her cosplay with as much thought and skills as how she made her costume. Don’t forget the pink eyebrows. Then on comes the hair - lots and lots of hair - painted red like Jinx’s luscious long locks.

Getting Ready to Shine

Before the event, she slips on the outfit carefully part by part – the purple and grey top, the red pants, the leggings, heels. With a little bit of help, with glue, zips, the ribbons and accessories are pinned on as well. Finally, turning on the LED lights in the pink star, she pins it onto her chest and grabs Shiro and Kuro and head out to Gamestart 2016.

A Star at GameStart 2016

Rikka attended GameStart 2016 in Singapore to showcase her new Star Guardian Jinx outfit. She met tons of fellow League fans and other gamers - some also in cosplay, some not. She even caught the eyes of the cosplay judges on the first day who picked her for the Cosplay Runway competition on the second day. Running down the Cosplay Runway on Day 2, she blasted the crowd with her big guns and brought Star Guardian Jinx to life for everyone and nabbed herself the Judges’ Choice award for the competition with her stellar performance. Get it? Star Guardian? Stellar?

Cosplay Photos

And what better way to fully bring the Star Guardian Jinx fantasy to life than with an immersive backdrop for the photos? Rikka brought her costume, guns and her plushie version of Shiro and Kuro to a secluded location and a photography studio and took some beautiful and stunning cosplay photos to share with us.


Rikka Blurhound is a cosplayer from Malaysia, and a full-time nutritionist. She really enjoys armour and prop making in cosplay creation, compared to sewing. Despite her petite frame of 148cm, she loves cosplaying as strong female characters.

As a fan of League of Legends, she has done tons of other League cosplays as well like Frostblade Irelia, Championship Shyvana, Star Guardian Lux, New Dawn Ahri, Sorceress Lux and Ashe. Her expertise in craftsmanship, and her versatility in expressions continues to impress!