Star Guardians Unite

5 talented Singaporean and Malaysian artists came together to create art celebrating the launch of the new Star Guardians skins. To create this piece of Star Guardian art, they had to overcome different time zones, ideas, and workflows, finding a middle ground that worked for everyone.

From Concept to Creation

The artists began with individual composition sketches after receiving the Star Guardians brief. Some opted to add story elements in their sketch, while others were in favour of an epic piece. With such different concepts driving the piece, the artists chose to challenge themselves by working towards a balance between the two ideas - creating an epic piece that reflected Star Guardian lore and what the individual guardians are fighting for.

One idea that stood out to the artists was how one the sketches used Syndra to bring the piece together. However, in the end, they chose to place Ahri as the unifying element of the piece with her tails protecting her Guardians, with Syndra by her side to offer guidance.

Light and Shadow

While the Star Guardians are reminiscent of the Magical Girl genre, there’s now a darker undertone to their youthful optimism. For the artists, they experimented a lot on how the lighting of the piece would set the mood, drawing inspiration from the lighting and shadows in the 360 artwork. In the end, they opted for a hard top down light and cool purple shadows.

About the artists

The talented artists behind this Star Guardian collaborative art poster are Sean Tay, Tricia Wee, Zhong Lin, Anson Tan, and Rachel Kong. We love and appreciate their amazing League of Legends artwork and their support for the game. If you liked their art, do follow them and give them a like or two!